Webb Genealogy

My Webb ancestry is rooted in Callaway, Franklin County, Virginia. Martha Webb and her sons, Harvey and Simon, purchased the Taliaferro tract in Blackwater on 01 December, 18821. There, my Webb ancestors lived and possessed the land until the last 17 acres (of 289 acres) was sold in the summer of 2015.
1 Franklin County Chancery Causes: Randolph Dickinson vs Harvey Webb et al., Callaway, Guerrant, Price. Virginia Memory Chancery Records Index; Index No. 067-1903-005

  Family Tree

Generation 4 Generation 5 Generation 6 Generation 7
  48 Simon Webb  
  24 Harvey Webb  
  49 Martha _____  
12 John Wm. Webb  
  100 William Keeling
  50 John Keeling  
  101 Callie _____
  25 Mariah Keeling  
  51 Amanda Levesy  


Military Draft Registration Cards
WWI WWII John William Webb John William Webb Peter Webb Peter Webb Preston Webb George Webb George Webb Henry Edward Webb Henry Lee Webb
  Births                        Marriages                            Deaths
                         Harvey Webb & Mariah Keeling
                         Simon Webb & Jennie Craig
                         Amelia A. Webb & George Ramsey